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3 weeks since Op

Hi ladies it has now been 3 weeks since I have had my vaginal hysterectomy, I have never felt better tbh I feel fantastic, my question is does anyone know how long the waiting time is to have sex after an op like this, I have read so many different articles that give conflicting information, one site it was 3-4 weeks and another was 6+ weeks and there is a supposed female doctor saying sex is fine after 2 weeks, so you can see it gets a bit confusing, I have phones my doctor and was told they had no idea and that they would get the hospital to call me back, but getting really desperate for sex, my sex drive has gone through the roof since my op, and I miss being close to my husband. Any advise will be appreciated thanks.

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I was told 6 weeks after my hysterectomy, glad your recovery is going well xxx


i think it could depend on how much was taken away, i.e. cervix taken or left? does it not tell you in your notes you were discharged with or leaflets given at pre op? its brilliant you are recovering so well, but take it easy, internal stitching can take up to 12 weeks to heal, sometimes longer, and whilst you may feel great on the outside, its easy to forget with a no outward scar hysterectomy that surgery has been done, it is a huge major surgery. as an example, my sister had a vaginal hysterectomy, and 8 months after she mowed the lawn, and caused a massive bleed, even after all that time xx


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