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What referral do I ask for considering it will take months to get?

A year after hysterectomy and excision, have had the occasional cyclical pain which has been my one remaining ovary in cycle I suspect. But the last week has brought back some of the more non-cyclical, non-specific pain I felt before surgery last year which disabled me. It's only been a couple of days feeling that pain but as it's the first time that it's clearly not just my ovary I'm worried this is the start of the return of the former problem (severe adhesions, mostly).

I'm thinking of seeing my GP, but unsure what to ask for. I'd love an ultrasound to check if I've had a cyst on my ovary in the hopes that that's the cause but I know that will take months to get, which won't be any help. So do I get the referrals started just in case I'm still in bother whenever the referral comes through? Whom do I ask to get referred to, as in if its for just an ultrasound that's going to be unhelpful in several months if I'm still in pain but my symptoms right now might not merit a referral to a consultant...

Anyone have any advice about what to say to my GP if I see him this week?

Thank you.

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