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Progesterone treatment when period is late?

Hi Ladies, i have been a keen reader of this forum and can relate to most of the issues discussed here.

I am 42 and have endo for years. My second lap was in Jan-16 and re-confirmed it. Since then i had very irregular periods and lots of pain which is sudden and debilitating for a while but then goes away as it never happened.

Hospital consultant i saw only in May, as my first post-op check-up, suggested combined pill/coil or PoP treatment, which I researched and decided to go on a more natual path - by using bio identical progesterone cream instead.

so, i read that i can start progesterone on day 6 of my cicle, but the problem is that I'm on day 54 (!!!) now and there is no sign of a period - can I start progesterone now?

I appreciate your response


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Im 42 and looking at the pill versus this too.

You are irregular unlike me just yet,so your progesterone may be declining,sounds like the start of our mate,menopause.

Its supposed to be day 14,thats if you just wanted to support yourself through to your original cycle.

However yours is not coming,so i did read you can take it all cycle long and it may regulate the period.

Im bleeding each month very heavy which is also the way it can go.

Is there a reason you wld like to regulate it at our age?

Because if it is the start of menopause,wld it not be best to let it miss periods like it is,so you are not anemic all the time like me?

If you were wanting a baby i can see why you wld regulate it also

Kind regards



Hi Rose, thank you for your reply.

i was offered progesterone to manage the symptoms of endometriosis and keep ot from spreading further.

As i understand it it prescribed to menopausal as well as post-menopausal women to balance the excess of estrogen in women over 35 and/or with endometriosis....

Best wishes



Yes it is,id start taking it see if it regulates cycle for you.

No time like the present hey!


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