Endometriosis and auto-immune diseases

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In my online research on endo, it seems that there are ties to auto-immune disorders, although not fully known what the link is (and some think it is an auto-immune disorder in itself). It got me thinking as I have a very strong family history of auto-immune disorders - my dad suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, my mum suffers from sarcoidosis (which is in the same family as lupus) and my eldest sister suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Does anyone else have an auto-immune disease as well as endo or have similar family links?


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  • Endo has been classified as an autoimmune related disease and shares many of the characteristics of autoinnumity. Women sometimes have other autoimmune diseases but the family link seems stronger as does the endo family link. Interestingly chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are now 'associated' with autoimmunity and this seems to explain the miriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms so many women with endo have from unrelenting fatigue to dizziness, headaches, confusion, memory loss, visual problems, joint problems and the many others,listed under CFS/ME.

  • DR Lara Briden, a world leading Naturopath Dr for women's health and Period Health has said studies are showing this could be the case - that endo is an autoimmune disorder.

    Her book is very useful in that not only does it tell you how to change diet and add supplements to successfully treat endo, it backs everything up with research.

    Endo is also linked to leaky gut syndrome and environmental toxins.

    At about £7 I think my copy was on Amazon Prime it is a book I reccommend to every woman I know.

    It really is invaluable.

    She also is on facebook and has a website - all with a great deal of information, I suggest you look her up.



  • I have CFS/ME as well as confirmed adeno and suspected endo - awaiting a lap.

    My mother and sister both have CFS/ME and my mother had rheumatoid arthritis as a young girl.

    I seem to be the only one with gynaecological issues at the moment but we're keeping a close eye on my daughter and niece as they develop.

    Fascinating to read about the link between the different conditions - explains a lot!!

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