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Bit of better news

Hi ladies, today my mum rang up my gynocologist to see if I could get an appointment sooner as I will cannot wait until September, we managed to move it forward to August and the receptionist was lovely and told me to ring every week to see if there's any cancellations to bring it forward even further. Has anyone got any advice as to how I can get the doctor to do a laproscopy I need to move forward, they said I had endo but they can't be sure and I need to be sure so If not I can look into other things for my symptoms. And if I do have endo I can start to move forward and get the right help. How can I get them to do a laproscopy?

Thanks ladies xx

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One of the gynaecologists I saw didn't want to do a laparoscopy. She was actually really rude and totally uninformed about endo. I did get her to change her mind by breaking down in tears and kinda refusing to leave her office until she agreed to do a laparoscopy. Haha. Thats day I felt It was Me:1 Rude gynae : 0. Hopefully you'll get a better one than me who will offer to do a lap. But if they don't just explain like you did in your post why you need to know 100% that its endo. Make sure you go to your appt with an exhaustive list of all your symptoms. And remind them a diagnostic lap is the only definitive way to diagnose endo. Others here may be able to offer better advice than me . Good luck


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