Ca125 - but my number is 88

Hi my blood test results come out ca125-but my number is 88 I'm not having my period this month an last month I had it's was less bleeding periods not on time my belly is big it's not normal I get bellyache some time last 3 months I was trying for a baby but not now when I found out my blood test its not normal my gp booked me a scan test this month dose anyone know about this thank you.

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  • Your ca125 can be elevated for a number of reasons , the mayoralty of those not dangerous, endometriosis or benign cysts can cause them to be raised. Try not to worry too much. I know it can be scary, before I was difnised with endometriosis i had a ca125 test and results were much higher than yours and it was just as result of the endometriosis but I remember being quite freaked out about it x

  • Thank u I hope it's not big thing

  • My level has been from normal to 268 and it changes. If you have something bad, it never goes down. I know ladies who had like 1000 before hysterectomy and with bad endometriosis and it was still just endometriosis. So it shouldn't be anything bad, but you do need a MRI scan with a good specialist who is used to find endometriosis. Even cysts can make CA 25 to go up and any inflammation in the abdomen. But of course, its good to check it out and to be in the care of good and experienced endometriosis doctor.

  • Hi again I'm 26 years old I'm still waiting for my scan will I be able to give birth to children in the future can anybody answer this for me thank you

  • hello

    I know what your going threw ! I just had a laporoscopy on March 25th ! My endo pain still bothering me !! this was my 3rd surgery my first in 2010 ! I've had my first child threw IVF could not conceive naturally there so many infertility treatments out there how I have faith you will deff have children I would not worry :) just keep treating your endo !

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