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Should I go back the doctors?

Hi everyone, looking for abit of advice!

Been suffering with my deep internal pains (particularly after sex), swelling and stabbing pains in my right side towards my groan for some time now, also waking up with nausea for the past week or so. 3 weeks ago went to the pain management clinic who have referred me to get an ultrasound were they will inject the muscles in my right side with anaesthetic to make them numb in an attempt to make me more mobile.

However I can't help but feel I should go back to my gynaecologist and be checked for more endo, my first lap was August 2015 were they removed what they could find, but the pain continues. My pain management consultant said that this pain could be due to the sensitivity of the muscles inside as they have been subject to pain for a very long time it's likely they have become overly sensitive, but she was very honest in saying she had no knowledge of endo and it would be up to my gyno to sort out. I also know that I suffer with chronic pain with my endo, so is this a pain I should just live with?

My procedure with the pain clinic is early July, so in the meantime should I go to my gp and ask to be referred back to gyno? Or should I wait until I've had my procedure and see how I go?

Thank you in advance and I hope everyone is ok!

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Hi I would keep the appointment as it might give you some relief, but still get the referral. Depending on where you live, if in uk ask for a referral to a BSGE centre as they are more specialised in endo.

From what you describe you could possibly have rectovaginal endo, and nhs guidelines state this should only be treated at a centre. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thanks for replying! I'm based in Liverpool so I'll have to do some research but I think I'll definitely book myself an appointment with the gp x


I woukd go back to gp I'm in a similar position, I had my first lap last March ENdo and adeno diagnosed, Endo excised and apparently left clear, then in July I had a hysterectomy fir e adenomyosis, ive never been out of pain, so I'm now awaiting another lap to investigate the endo, thankfully im now with a bsge centre,

Look up bsge centres find one near you and ask for referral, genral gynes often miss endo in certain locations xx


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