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Got a surprise today at the hospital

Good Evening lovely ladies hope you are ok this evening and not in too much pain

I got quite a shock today thought I was just going to the hospital for my injection but saw my consultant, which I was totally not prepared for had no notes prepared for what to ask him :(

He changed my injection to a monthly one Gonapeptyl Depot 3.65mg different to the one I was on before Decapeptyl Have another injection in June. Internal scan / see my consultant 13th July another injection after that, then my consultant again in August to discuss my next treatment. He is going to discuss my bowel when I see him in July I will take my questions in with me then. He was really nice and friendly to my husband and me.

Hoping this injection works better than my last one :)

Good night God bless and sweet dreams to you all

Lots of love Janet xx

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