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Came off the pill 32 days ago. Still no sign of my period... Help?

So I came off the pill in April after taking it for 2 years because it was doing nothing to ease my pain and I didn't like the idea of messing with my hormones for no reason.

I'm currently on day 32 of this cycle and no period so far. I have been having pms symptoms for 4-5 days but no sign of anything. I'm so grouchy and wondering at what point I should be concerned?

I had a consistent 28 day cycle before the pill and I was told it'd go back to normal when I stopped...

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I was on the minipill for about 10 years. Came off it for the first time last January, it took me about 3-4 months to get my period back - went to the GP, she said it was "normal" for anyone coming off long-term pill. Don't know if that's true. Did about 20 pregnancy tests just to make sure. Wasn't pregnant. At my regular cycle time - I got like, phantom periods ... the pains with none of the bleeding for the first few months, then, eventually, my periods came back.


Nothing at all for 4 months? It makes me so mad that they forced me on the pill to "help my endometriosis" with a promise that it would have no effect on my body and it was immediately reversible when I stopped taking it!

How can it possibly be normal for a woman to not have a period for 4 months!!



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