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Prostap injection

Hi there. So after a week in hospital again I've now been put forwrd for the prostap injection been told that's my only hope, even though ive been trying for a baby. It's for 6months, so I'm asking you guys for any experience advice? during and after? How did you cope? best remedies for the million and one side affects!?feeling very unwell, and im on day one! I'm Dreading the Strain is going to have on my family life, please feel free to tell me honest truth Thanks guys

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Firstly are you being seen in a bsge specialist centre????

I'm on zolodez similar to prostap, I'm also taking hrt, I'm 40 and gave gas a hysterectomy for adenomyosis but my overies where left in, so they now want to take the. Out, I've been ok on it, unfortunately not much difference regarding the pain but no many side effect, my boobs killed for the first few weeks and I feel sick and tired, but felt that before too,

Have you have Endo excised, ??


Hey, im being seen at the gynecologist ward in a hospital. and by excised? What do you mean? Whenn i had the surgery the doctor said they left some endo behind because it shouldn't give me bother turns out he was wrong. but they don't want to operate again because i want more kids and the risk of scar tissue is higher.. So thats why I'm on this prostap. Xx


Excision surgery is where they cut it out from roots, lots of general gynes use ablation like burning/shaving so don't get root, then it grows back,

It makes me wild that so called doctors can tell you such nonsense, any endo can cause problems little big fat thin, it really dosnt mater,

I would advice you to get away from him and get a refferal to a bsge clinic this iswhere endometreosis specialist work from, I'm sure a specialist would do a better job at excision work, although he still could want you to go on the prostap injections,

Read a lady called Lindle posts she is great,

Good luck

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I'm on week six.

Unfortunately my pain is still there. If not worse at times so it's not helping me. But that's just me and I have been told week 7 could be the best Iv ever felt. Fingers crossed.

Sore boobs for two/three days. Tired and feeling sick. A little bit emotional and then kicking off 5 min later. None of it's effecting me much though and can mostly just be the pain causing it.

Good luck!! Iv heard a few ladies have got pregnant very quick after it. So hopefully it will help with that xx

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