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Upcoming hospital appointment

Hi everyone

In two weeks I have my gynecology appointment. This is my second referral to gyni and I am hoping it goes better than the last. I am more nervous this time than last as I know what is going to happen and because of how disappointed I was the last time when I was fobbed off and came out crying. I have a different doctor this time (an associated specialist rather than consultant what ever that is) at my local NHS hospital, so I'm hoping a new set of eyes will help. I have been keeping a pain diary of my daily pain and have lost over 2 stone since Christmas so hopefully this will all be in my favor and help me get closer to a diagnosis and a laparscopy. I trying not to keep my hopes to high but i feel like this is my only hope. Its been 3 years since the pain started and I see no end in its sights.

Is there anything else I could do to help me be better prepared for my appointment or that could get me closer to a diagnosis?

Any tips on managing nerves? Especially when in the appointment as my nerves normally makes me forget what i want to say.

I have managed to get the day off placement and I am going myself.

Thanks in Advance

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Usually I just write down everything I want to ask / say in case I get nervous / emotional, that way you can get all of your questions answered. I would also tell you to bring someone as it helps immensely, even if they are just sitting in the waiting room. I hope this helps as I completely understand what you are going through as I have had a few crappy appointments with my old Gynae (hence why I asked for a refferal to BSGE Centre). All the best, and hopefully it goes well :) x


I try to think what I would like out of the appointment before I go in and well the end result you want and don't be afraid of asking for that . So if you think you need a laparoscopy which is the only way to properly tell if you have endo ask for it tell them how much pain and discomfort disturbs your everyday life etc . I find just asking sometimes cuts out some of the waiting although dr maybe will have different advice or want to try something else but at least they will explain their thought process. Also look for nearest bsge center and ask to be referred there too maybe for lap so they ready for any bowel problems. I had lots of weight loss and had lap in April line of endo cut from bowel but before lap I had to have sigmoidoscopy to check if endo have grown into bowel which luckily it not too bad and hasn't.

otherwise like you I've come away often in tears just feeling left waiting for nothing. You sometimes have to be politely pushy.

Good luck I have appointment on Wednesday and I will also try to be brave and not come away knowing nothing as it so easy too.



I had to get a second opinion, I came out the first time with the gynae who was a right idiot, also foreign and there was a communication divide which was difficult. She told me I had ibs and the menopause was the only thing that would help, I have had a lap before so I'm aware I have endo so anyway I asked my gp to send me for a second opinion, I wrote everything down, my partner waited for me which was a great help knowing he was out there, I got what I wanted, I got the agreement for another lap and I get it on the 13th June.

You know your body, you know what's going on so write it all down and if you get emotional it's okay, is a difficult thing to go through on a daily basis and you need to fight for what you are wanting

Hope this helped

Rach xx


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