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Changes to my cycle

Morning all,

Since my lap I have only had 2 periods. The first one came totally pain free after only 26 days. I have always been a 28/30 day girl.

This morning I have worked up with the most horrendous stomach cramps, pain down my legs, into my back and what do you know after 26 days my period has arrived 😩

Is it possible that the work done when I had my lap has messed up my cycle, will I always be on/around day 26 now?

The pain is unbearable at the moment, I'm curled up in a ball in bed writing this. I had such high hopes after the first period was pain free. I don't see the consultant until June 9th. Feel like I'm back to square one.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Forgot to write this at first - for the last 2 weeks since (roughly) I ovulated I have had full blown morning sickness, headaches, heartburn, 'pregnancy like symptoms' anyone else had that??

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Hello! Sorry you are feeling disheartened.

If it helps, I was the same as you and my second/third period after my first lap was bad! I had another lap on 18th March, then another on 29th April and I haven't had a period since 14th March! So I am in total agreeance that laps can mess up your cycle! But I do believe it will go back to a normal routine soon enough. After my lap last year, my periods went to normal from the third one.

Sorry if not much help! I hope you recover well and get some answers on June 9th! Xx


It's good to know I'm not alone... Not that I'm wishing pain on you or anyone else!! 😕


My lap has definitely messed with my cycle. I was due on my period a week after I had it but my period never arrived. I'm due on again tomorrow is just waiting to see if it turns up this month. My consultant said it was nothing to worry about and it's probably just hormones settling down after the lap. A few people have said that the first couple of periods after their lap were quite painful. Hope your pain eases up Hun xx

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Thanks, it's been bloody agony all day 😩

I can cope if it's going to come every 26 days now, but this pain is unbearable, just like before the op. Wish it stayed pain free like last month.

Fingers crossed it will settle, I'll see what the consultant says on the 9th!



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