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Just want it to end

Hello everyone,

My first post here in over a year please, bear with me.

I'll try and cut a long story short.

I'm 30, was diagnosed with endometriosis aged 23 (2008) had laperoscopy and got on quite well afterwards. 2010 had 2 early miscarriages, 2011 a further 2 miscarriage and was referred to a miscarriage specialist had blood screening and further scans late 2011, was told it was back & inside a cyst in my right ovary and was told by the miscarriage consultant to "deal with " the pain if I wanted to conceive again. Endo pains got worse and had mirena coil as pregnancy was the last thing on my mind.

Forward to now, I want to try again....

I've had a appointment at Queens Medical Treatment Centre, had a scan and been confirmed that endo has got worse and is also on the bowel, just waiting for a laperoscopy date now, I'm quite apprehensive as I'm unsure if gynae will remove it from my bowel or if I'll need to go to another department for that? I've only just started a new job and don't want to be off work for constant hospital appointments.

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You need to get refferal to a bsge specialist centre straight away, a gyne shouldn't operate on bowel, so to have a laparoscopy with him is a waste of time, you need a team of endo specialist, your gp should of reffered you to a bsge centre, check out a lady called Lindle and read her posts, don't make things worse for yourself by excepting anything that isn't the best, good luck, and please do your research before you agree to a laparoscopy with thus general gyne, he should not be operating o. You

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I know gynae won't touch it on the bowel, they'll refer me to appropriate depth for that but thank you for your information about bsge I shall look into it. Have my laperoscopy in Friday and quite apprehensive.

Thanks again.


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