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Unsure whether I have endo or not? Laparoscopy questions

Hi, I'm 22 and have had symptoms for a while - I can date them back to the age of 15 but over the years they have become more frequent and more severe. I have a tendency towards hypochondria and I'm finding it hard because I keep worrying that that I might have some sort of womb cancer though I know it's unlikely - I've had a smear which was fine, and they've done a pelvic exam and transvaginal ultrasound scan which all looked fine.

Basically, for a couple of years now I've started experiencing pelvic pain most of the time. For the past few months my lower left abdomen and just below my left ribcage have been sore, tender, bloated, and the areas feel incredibly lumpy. The last couple of weeks it's gotten worse so it's basically my entire left side including stomach, waist, groin, hips, lower back and even thighs. The pain increases after any sort of penetration and after orgasm even without penetration (this has been the case for around a year but it's worse now.)

Has anyone had similar symptoms? It seems strange to me that it's so centered around one specific side. And my abdomen feels so swollen and lumpy which worries me.

I'm booked in for a diagnostic laparoscopy, probably not for a few months. Has anyone had a simply diagnostic one? They've said they definitely won't be removing anything but I thought they often did if there was an issue? If you have had a purely diagnostic one, did you experience any issues with it? And do you know if it can pick up on any other issues other than endo?


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