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Finally got referral appointment

Hi ladies, hope you are all ok.

I am lucky enough to have medical insurance through work and up until recently everything had moved along nice and swiftly, lots of scans, blood tests, seeing private gyny and referral to private gastroenterologist. Last saw my gyny for latest ultrasound after being on Prostap for 3 months and having decided from reading and advice on here I asked him for a referral to a bsge specialist. That was over 4 weeks ago. Had to chase the gynys secretary to find out why I hadn't heard anything 2 weeks ago, she said some problem with the dicta phone so she would get gyny to redo letter and then get him to sign it so she could send to specialist and my insurance. Phoned her again last Friday and she had only just got him to sign it so was going to fax it! Surely it shouldn't take this long privately.

Anyway, had THE phone call today to arrange appointment, so I am now seeing the bsge specialist next Tuesday morning. As you will see from my other posts I have not been officially diagnosed but due to symptoms and the fact that after being on Prostap my largest cyst has gone from 8.5cm to 3.5cm it looks like it is endo.

My question is, what questions should I be asking him when as yet I have no official diagnosis and my previous gyny had said it would be very risky to do any operations due to 2 previous major bowel surgeries for other reasons? Any help please especially if you have seen specialist prior to diagnosis.


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Just tell him all about your past ops and present symptoms, it's great that your being seen by a bsge centre as there is bowel surgeon s on hand too, and I would think after a MRI they might want to do a laparoscopy to diagnose and excise and endo specialist in good luck

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Thank you.

I had an mri done by my gyny and he sent that, the 2 recent ultrasounds and case notes to the specialist. I have been keeping a list of all my symptoms so will take that with me as well.


Just wanted to wish you good luck Hun. Keep us posted on how you get on.

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Thanks Jean, will do x


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