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Hi everyone,

Just joined up to the group! After 2 years of pain I was diagnosed with endo. I have had surgery, tried 2 different hormone treatments but the one that seemed to help was the decapeptyl monthly injections for 6 months. Completely got rid of the pain but then you have all the other symptoms - hot flushes, mood swings, dryness etc. Luckily I did not put any weight on, and if I'm honest I think I actually lost about a stone! 

So ive been off the injections since Jan 2016 and I'm worried the pain will come back. I've decided that I don't want anymore hormone treatment, I'm 23 and I just don't like the idea of putting me in a 'false' menopause state. So, I'm just wondering if any of you have read any books on endo that helps with nutrition & lifestlye?

Any recommendations will be much appreciated!

S x 

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    Here's the Endo diet - would highly recommend, peppermint tea is great for bowel. Acupuncture and yoga also helpful.

  • Thanks for the recommendation! 

  • I've just read one which i found really informative and easy to read. It's called "endometriosis & other pelvic pain". I borrowed it from my local library. Although, I have only just been diagnosed and currently on the waiting list - 35, no children, endometriomas on both ovaries, so it may not be that beneficial for you.

    It covers, diagnosis, pain, laparoscopy, scan, medicines, case studies, FAQ's, other pelvic pain, complementary therapies etc. When it comes to diet it covers IBS, allergens, intolerances, vitamins. TBH it seems the obvious though, low alcohol, low salt, low caffiene, low fat plenty fruit, veg and preferrably organic meat (normal meat can be hormone fed animals therefore adding the oestrogen to your body), probiotic yoghurt,more fish, low GI, more beans, pulses, olive oil. Cut back on cheese and milk (again animal fed hormones).

    The one that got me was exercise. "exercise will help, try and do something to ease the pain" I can't sit up without pain or keep water down, let alone exercise!!

  • Thanks for all of your info. I have a pretty balanced diet anyway but I think I just want to see if reducing or cutting out certain things makes a difference.

    Sorry to hear you're in pain, hope you're not waiting too long!

    S x

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