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Excision on the NHS?


I've had two laparoscopies in the last 5 years, both with ablation. I live in Somerset and these were done at the RUH. I'm suffering terribly from endometriosis and from the research I have done and what I've read from others, it doesn't seem another ablation would do anything for me. I would like primarily to improve my quality of life (I have endo on my pelvis, diaphrag, bowels and possibly bladder; at the moment it's afecting my working life, family and social life - you ladies know the drill...), and maybe also try for a baby.

My consultant said he would do another lap, but it would be another ablation. Anyone with experience having an excision on the NHS? Or privatly in the Somerset area? Any advice is most welcome, I feel very lost and isolated and don't know who to turn too. Thank you! xx

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Hi - if this consultant did any treatment on your endo (which by its nature will be classed as stage 4) he/she would be working against regulations. There is a contract in place that requires that you are referred to a specialist endo centre on the NHS for excision. They should know this. Have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and the one on how to find a specialist centre.

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Hi Lindle,

Thank you for such prompt reply. I've found your post and its so informative, thank you!

Thanks for the advice, I don't want to undergo another ablation but he completely dismissed my comments and questions about a potential excision. 


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