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Can the NHS refer you to a endometriosis specialist for excision surgery?


Can the NHS refer you to a endometriosis specialist for excision surgery?

The NHS have miss diagnosed me for 5 years, palming me off and saying the pain is in my head. I payed private to have a diagnostic laparoscopy to find out the endometriosis is mainly the lower left of my abdomen and on my bladder and ligaments. I am only 19 but these last 8 months I have been bed bound, unable to straighten my left leg and lost my job.

Unfortunately I can’t afford to pay private for excision surgery but I have lost all faith in the NHS since they preformed my first laparoscopy incorrectly.

So do any of you ladies know if I can be referred for the surgery or is my only option to have it done by a gynaecologist on the NHS? X

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Does your GP have a copy of your notes of your last lap? He can then refer you on.

Most of the Consultants that work privately also work in the NHS. Check whether he works in the nhs and see whether you can go on his list? If not ask for a reccomendation.

It is unfortunate but misdiagnosis is fairly common with Endo and I believe the average time for diagnosis is 7 years.

Good luck and big hug.


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My GP should get a copy within the next week. Can you choose who you want referring too? Or is it only the closes one in your area you have to see?

The specialist I payed private for he’s retiring, so I can’t go with him. But the surgeon taking over from him works private and the NHS.

Thank you and it’s shocking how many women are surfing in pain and not getting quick diagnosis. I went to a&e a few months back and the gynaecologist there said “if you have got endometriosis it will take 8 years to diagnose” and then was sent home on morphine. It how the doctors know it takes a long time to diagnose but don’t try a speed the process up at all x

Hey could possible ask which surgeon or who is replacing Him? If not what hospital x

Sounds like you have either stage 3 or 4 endo conformed by that private lap. Therefore this should only be treated by a bgse accredited surgeon which as a nhs treatment pathway you should be entitled to go through.

There’s a good fb group with a documents section showing nhs pathways for various stages. Endorevisited uk support and education group. Have a look on there lots of useful info for you to push the gp

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Thank you!! I have an appointment with the specialist on Thursday to discuss more in detail what he found and to see the pictures.

I will have a look now, it is nice to know where I can go from now and can have it treated properly. It should also help for me to get my gp to listen! X

Yes they can.I have just had my 3rd lap by a specialist. I went private and they didn't remove all of it so After a lot of research I found a specialist on the NHS and we asked my GP to refer me to and he did. I have had a similar issue to you they kept on telling me the pain was in my head but I knew it wasn't and I was diagnosed when I was 14 I am now 16. If you are interested I can give you all the information, my surgeon was fantastic. X

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It would be great to hear your experience with the surgeon. I have private messaged you.


Could I ask name of your surgeon too?

What's your surgeons name?

Hi yes your Gp can refer you to a private specialist as mine did but I did pay £200 to see the specialist first then he wrote to my gp as he also does nhs. Yes you can pick as I’m from Liverpool an I picked this specialist in Manchester as he has good reviews

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