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Could this be endometriosis or PID?

Hi, first post on here. Went to my GP about 5 years ago because I always have deep pain during sex, they did an examination and found some womb-like tissue growing outside my cervix but said this is common especially if you have used the combined pill for a long time. However I only ever used the combined pill for a few months as it didn't suit me. The mini pill was no good either so only ever used that briefly also. They also found some thrush high up near my cervix and prescribed treatment for that - said to Come back if the pain didn't ease off after that. The pain never did go but I never bothered going back for some reason, guess I was a bit frightened of any tests more invasive than that. Since then I had a copper IUD fitted, I had intense pain and constant bleeding for the 9 months I had it in until I finally asked them to remove it. A month later I fell pregnant - unplanned, she's now 21 months of age. My periods didn't return until she was 10 months as was breastfeeding a lot up until then. When they returned they were just as heavy as they always were, though I never have had too much pain with them. I use the super tampons and have to change them every 3 hours. Also have to back-up with sanitary towels as I often leak. They last for six or seven days. Last 5 cycles I have had severe vomiting and diarrhoea with the first day of my period - this is very new. Still no menstrual pain, but pain associated with the gastro problems is intense. I recently found out I am 5 weeks pregnant, I am due to have a surgical termination on Tuesday. They have mentioned the possibility of fitting a progestogen-IUS while they are doing it. Reassured me that it doesn't cause the same heavy bleeding and pain as the copper IUD, also said the amount of progestogen is much less than in the mini-pill so I might not get the sadness and spots and weight gain. I am very keen to avoid any more unplanned pregnancies however I am worried that I should investigate  my painful inter course, heavy periods and menstrual sickness/diarrhoea before I go putting any more devices in my womb. The pain of the copper IUD was like early labour constantly for 9 months, now that I have been through labour, I can make a very clear comparison. So my question is does anybody recognise the symptoms of painful sex, general hip pain, heavy periods and sickness/diarrhoea during menstruation? Does this fit with endometriosis perhaps? I wonder if this could be why the IUD caused me so much pain and why they found womb tissue outside my cervix. Any advice welcome. Sorry for long post  

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Hi tazmania. Just read your post. Sorry to hear about your symptoms,they don't sound pleasant at all. I personally think it may be beneficial pushing your GP to investigate your symptoms before they fit anything else into your body. 

I've been in a similar situation where I've suffered with heavy painful periods since I can remember. I'm 22 and not overweight. So every time I was going to the doctor and explaining my symptoms, they were just fobbing me off with other medication. 

I pushed and pushed for 19 months have finally got a referral to see an endometriosis specialist; I have a consultation on Thursday to discuss having a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. 

If there's anything I have learnt from my situation, is remember that you are in control of your body, and you are the only one that can tell if somethings not quite right. For months and months, I have cried because many doctors made me feel like I was being a drama queen. 

Hope this helps and I wish you all the best xx


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