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Just had my second to last zoladex injection and i am exhausted, wanted to do the house work today and just after cleaning the bathroom i physically cannot do any more my legs are shaking and i dont have the energy to do anything but lay down. 

Is this zoladex related or just another joy of this condition,  either way has anyone got any advice for me to get my arse in gear?!?!? 

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Hi. I have just had my fourth injection of Prostap ( which I have read on here is similar to Zoladex) and also feel shattered and very achy after small amount of physical activity. Not sure whether it's the injections or endo (not had official diagnosis yet but all symptoms seem like endo) either. 

I work full time and feel shattered each night that I don't feel like doing anything else either.

Hope you feel better soon and just try and rest when you can X

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Hi, I had my third zolodex Injection yesterday, and I'm aching this afternoon, same pains as always, and my legs are hit and heavy, I'm also exhausted, has it helped with your endo pains???


Has really helped with the pain, so in comparison its great but sometimes wish i could have a day of being normal xxxx



I am the same only had one injection so far and working my job is very active but by the time I get home I am shattered,I am determined not to have any more time off work so resting and trying to get a good night's sleep,sorry I can't offer more advice.

I hope it works for you I am still in quite a bit of pain and hopefully my next injection will help


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