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Tired of Food

Funny title! Most people wouldn't dream of being tired of food! Actually, I haven't had an appetite for the last year and a half! I can't even remember what being hungry feels like. I eat because I have to.

I have been diagnosed with IBS, with the possibility of endometriosis. Surgery is not recommended anymore because of the damage it can do and the problems that occur afterwards when endometriosis keeps growing back!

I decided to just accept it and get on with life, I'm on Ava 30 so my endometriosis (if any) has not gotten any worse and the painful symptoms have gone away. In fact, I haven't had a period in the last eight months!!!!

I just struggle so much with food. Sometimes I enjoy eating. After all, who doesn't enjoy ice cream or home cooking!!! But its at times like this when I start to feel dizzy that I know that I need something to eat- the options- toast, bread or toast and bread :D Yuck! Who wants to eat dry toast while your feeling sick and full.

The problem is that I am starting my own online business and I need to be able to concentrate, which I can't do without food :( I keep putting off eating something and would wait until dinner time if I could.

What I need is a healthy snack that I can grab when I start to feel dizzy, but I can't think of anything!

Bottom line: I'm so tired of food!

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I can relate and have exact same issue with getting dizzy along with not having appetite or enjoyment in wanting to eat. I don't know if the dizziness is lack of food or just comes on at same times of month. I have had to get past it with work etc. For me this is possibly a pain or medication/pill issue aswell, but have been told I probably have endo on bowel and have had the deep infiltrating type diagnosed/ removed.

I do almond milk shake with plain milk protien powder in it (not soy based) when I just can't eat and many weak cups of earl grey tea without sugar. The tea flavour seems to help or something. I don't eat wheat anymore as it bloats me and so will eat blander canned soups such as potato and leek on days when I just can't face preparing or eating food.

I also find buscopan helps with symptoms of intense cramping and seems to help a little with the endo type pain too. I understand your attitude of just finding ways getting on with it, when another surgery is something to be approached with long term life in mind or limited benefit. Take care 🌸


Tea is a good idea :) Mint tea is also supposed to be very good!


I'm pretty much the same as you. I despise food as I bloat to a paiful size. The only reason I eat too is to prevent myself from collapsing.

I juiced for 23 days (no solids) and was painless for a while.

I would advise not to eat wheat/gluten so no bread as this would cause you to bloat. I eat gluten free bread. Stay away from dairy, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, red meat

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Hmmm, no bread! Okay :) What about eggs? I read that they were supposed to be okay.


Yep same. Lost 5 stone due 2 endo on bowel,ibs and gallstones eggh it actually eats to hurt so easier not eat.

Family are all concerned cos i look thin. Im 10stone so ok atm.

Keep trying to get forced go to meals which gives me anxiety.

I cab however drink lager which i think keeps me a 10stone due to weekends at my mums pub.

When i do eat cos i have too . Its brown bread no butter. Wafer ham slice an cucumber. Oh an the occasional toby carvary plate of veg an turkey.

Which after 11 mths of just this has no taste.

Waited since 18th dec for 2nd endo op to unstick bowel from womb.

The struggle is real.

Your not alone hun xxxx


Scientific studies have proven that boswellia extract can help with colitis and other bowel issues (as well as arthritis and other autoimmune diseases).

I have recently started to take it to try and help with pain and inflammation due to adenomyosis but have found the biggest difference has been the improvement in my ibs!!!!

I just went on amazon and bought a pot of 60 capsules. You just need to make sure it is at least 60% pure

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Thank you! I will try anything!!!


I have endo on my small bowel too, and have had a great deal of IBS. For the longest time I had a raging appetite.

When I lost interest in food, it was one of the first signs of what turned out to be a severe B12 deficiency. It wasn't caught in time and affected my nerves. From what I understand my blood levels looked ok, but the damage to my intestinal lining inhibited the absorption and recirculation of b12 and I gradually developed a deficiency.

I have to get very frequent b12 shots, and thorough diet change, including celiac gluten free, no dairy, soy. I gave up all grains, sugar, legumes, and fruit too until things settled a bit and am now adding small bits here and there to test. Admittedly it was easier to do this because of the lack of appetite!

With diet and a few specific supplements, my endo pain is maybe 75-80% improved.

B12 deficiency can take years to develop. My appetite loss was for roughly 2 years straight, and it was pretty marked- I struggled to eat one meal a day.

That may not be the case for you-there are many reasons for low appetite. But it's a good idea to check with your doctor and also check for nutritional deficiencies.


Thank you for your reply :) When I was in hospital they told me I'd been tested for everything under the sun! So hopefully they haven't missed any one important thing :)


It is possible to have b12 deficiency with normal blood levels. This happened to me. It's not fully understood.

If you wish to check b12 deficiency symptoms, the Pernicious Anaemia Society has a good list.

But at any rate, proper digestion is crucial for good health, so I hope you get to the bottom of it!


I would imagine it would be important to mention to your doctor whether this is a sustained lack of appetite, or if it comes and goes (like nausea with menstruation).


It is consistent. I haven't been back to my doctor for a while because I'd tired of being treated as though its all in my head.


Just wondering - why has surgery been ruled out for you? I know endo can come back but lots of people benefit from it if done properly (including me). IBS is a symptom of endo so if that's the cause then helping to sort out the endo might help. I have had bowel problems but now the pain has gone (after surgery) and diarrhoea/IBS symptoms helped by changing diet (simply replaced milk and muesli for breakfast with poached egg on toast at suggestion of gastroenterologist - it changed my life!). But unlike you I never lost interest in eating - have you been checked for anaemia?


They told me I've been checked for everything. Its because surgery has been known to do a lot of harm, they can nick things by mistake. A friend of mine has a sister who's had the surgery and her endometriosis just keeps growing back and getting worse.

To be perfectly honest, I've lost the will to battle with the healthcare system. I came out of it deciding that I'd never go back it again! Of course that's not true, but it does seem pointless and frustrating.

I've been switched from doctor to doctor and it feels like everybody passes me on to someone else. They say "well, we can't help you but so-and-so might be able to."

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I definitely reached that low point. I had had so many bad experiences I was practically paranoid of any more medical care. I was so discouraged from being told it was all in my head.

I am glad I held off on more surgery, personally, as I didn't quite feel convinced it was wise.

I was incredibly lucky to get an amazing endocrinologist, and in hindsight I know I wasn't crazy and things look much clearer.

I feel sad about the time I lost either with bad medical care, or avoiding medical care.

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