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Endo 'Attack'?

Hello, I was diagnosed with stage 1 endo back when I was 25, I am 29 now. I came back off of holiday a week ago, the day after I was back I started getting intense pain in both the right and the left side. I'm not due on for another week. I have never had it last this long, I am now on day 5 of excruciating pain. I have been prescribed naproxen, zapain and ranitidine (can't take omeprazole, gives me severe stomach cramps). Part of me is wondering if it is all in my head and I am worrying about it which is making it worse, but it is unbearable at times and has brought me to tears on several occasions. The tablets they have given me do seem to take the edge off, but I can still feel it. They have referred me to the same consultant that I had for my first lap which I am pleased about. what I am wondering is, how long do people's attacks generally last for? Mine generally last for a few hours on and off for two or three days at a time, and usually paracetamol and nurofen is fine. I guess I am just worrying because this is new for me.

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Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I hope it's eased today? I can't really help as my pain is constant at the moment. But it does help to keep a record of when it gets worse. For me it was usually the odd pain, the as time went on it would be at ovulation as well as bad periods, now I'm at my constant stage! ...maybe you have ovulation pain too? Wish you well xx


Oh & don't think it's all in your head...that's what we're told so many times that we start to believe it!! 


Thank you, I still have the pain now, so continuing to take the meds at the moment. I get ovulation pain as well as period pain too, but this has lasted more than a week now sadly. Maybe I've hit the constant stage now too...  thank you for replying and take care x


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