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Always Exhausted

I'm on annual leave this week only to try and refresh myself a little. But I'm already dreading work next week, I popped into town yesterday and was gone only 2 hours and I feel so physically exhausted and achy today I wonder how I'm meant to work at all. I get into work when I can and when I can't I am lucky to work from home but I'm struggling that my life is only about that I never have anything in me to do anything else. I'd love to get up and feel a bit refreshed and manage work just fine. I can't afford to give up work and don't want to its what keeps me sane. It just seems such a vicious circle. Sorry for the moan ☺️ needed to do it where people understand xx

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Hi all I can say is hang in there.it is hard I have days like this and life becomes really difficult.your not alone and don't be too hard on yourself.i used to push myself so hard but I've realised in a harsh way that I have to listen to my body.hang in there.xx


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