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Had first laparoscopy 4 weeks ago

And I'm still having horrible period aches every day, plus pains here and there. Is this normal? I was riddled with it apparently and they couldn't get it all out. I just thought it would have settled by now. It's like being on a 4 week period....

Also, I am VERY down at present. Like really down. Does anyone know if what I've had done could effect my hormones? I have gotten like this before. I'll go through a few days and feel so blue. I don't want my boyfriend near me, and everything to me seems gloomy. I can't shake it off. I hate feeling like this, I don't want to feel down :(

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Hello, it horrid feeling low isn't it, give yourself time to recover and be kind, was you operated on by a bsge centre, and are your pains similar to before lap?? X


Hiya. Yeah it sucks. IS it normal to be getting these bouts of lowness? Not sure what a bsge centre is? I had a lot of work done as had a lot of endo, ovary was being tilted by it plus ovaries and fallopian tubes were all stuck to my wall so they were released. Not all the endo was removed.

Pains are the same as before the op - only it's lasted the whole 4 weeks. Before I normally had bad aching etc during time of the month and ovulation - with pain during pooping (sorry) around 80% of the time. The pains have gotten better, it's just this constant dull ache that's really getting to me now

I just thought it would have gone by now.


A bsge centre is a clinic set up by the nhs to deal with endo, specialist have had more training on endo and it's location and it complex removal, if your pain dosnt feel any better I would get refferal to a centre, unfortunately general gyne often miss endo or leave it as they are not qualified to deal with it, have a look at a lady called Lindle on here, she has a few great posts, one being on how to get refferal, good luck hunny and take it easy, xx


Oh yes, it was then sorry. My surgeon was a specialist :)

I have such awful lower back ache right now, but maybe it's when my period would be due (I'm on the mini pill so don't bleed)?


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