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Hello all n could you help

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis over 10 years ago, i've already had three surgeries and i'm now 37 and trying to find out how my fertility is.. Going to a gynecologist through the NHS but so far they have been of no much help at all. 

First, they sent me to have blood test to check my fertility when i was still on the pill!! waited 6 months to be told that i shouldnt have been on it during the blood test(might seem obvious to some, but it didnt have a clue.. i thought they were the experts and they did know i was on it) i still have not seem a gynecologist as such but a member of the team or something) who apologies got me off the pill n mahe me wait another 3 months to get my periods to normal n have a blood test after the 21 day after getting my period.. that it is supposed to b this Wednesday coming (4th of May) and today i got my period again earlier that expected (Monday the 2st of May) scared already to phone and be r arranged in another 6 months cos of it..

So frustrating.. Anyhow, sorry for the long intro n if anyone can help i'd b very thankful .. 

Thank you all in advance

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Hi Karen,  I had the same problem last year , although I wasn't on the pill as we'd been ttc . Had to have that blood test but periods were so irregular. My local hospital does a walk in blood testing clinic where you can go  and don't need an appointment. It may be worth seeing if your local hospital does the same. I know it would mean waiting another 21 days but it's better than months.


Many thanks Jean,

The problem is postponing the app after the blood test with my gyno.. as the waiting list if you have to cancel are ridiculous.. last time was 6 months on the top of the other 6 i had to wait...


Hi, give them a call and explain that your periods are so irregular, they may be able to slot you in. It's worth a try.


I'd do.. n thanks again ;p


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