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Surgery date

Hi ladies I was originally told that I would be having surgery for my endo 11th July but due to being taken to hospital numerous times with severe pain and extremely heavy bleeding my surgery has been brought forward to the 24th May, I will be having a hysterectomy as I have tried every course of treatment and medication which have failed, to say I can't wait to have this done is an understatement, I'm a bit nervous but I guess that's to be expected it is major surgery, will be able to do another update after my pre op appointment which is on the 12th may. 

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Hi . Firstly I would like to say good luck. 

Secondly, are you with a BSGE surgeon? 

And will they excise all endo at the same time?

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Yeah I'm seeing a specialist and the surgery I'm having fingers crossed will get rid of all the endo 

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