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Constant pain for 4 years.. Just want to give up

So they say my endometrisios can't be causing all the pain.. I'm sure it is tho. The doctors can't tell me how I feel or what it is.. I know endometrisios mess's with me inside and out, been dealing with this since I was 16. Diagnosed at 19. I just want to know anyone out there that there uterus constantly aches and your left hip ( or other one ) hurts and feels swollen and inflammed? I've been in pain meds forever.. I just want to give up sometimes I feel like it!! Very badly, I heard some ladies get hysterectomy sand they still have pain!! Why! They want me to go for another MRI, I don't know why.. I feel like there not going to see anything. My prayers are with you all, keep going when someone thinks it's all in your head. I can't stand those kind of people, I have muscle spasms aswell going up and down my leg every day on a daily basis - there's not a minute that goes by Im not in pain.. Can someone tell me a endometrisios diet ? And do they work! To relieve pain? Thank you for reading.

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Hi, i understand your pain. I had horrendous pain caused by my endometriosis for years. I have had 2 laparoscopic surgeries now and my pain has eased significantly. I still get pains around my hip, usually during ovulation and 2 weeks after at which time my period starts and that is still painful although nowhere near as bad as it was. I'm pretty sure it is the cysts on my ovaries (which they say are endometriomas) that cause that pain in my hip area - i do not have PCOS though. I tried the endometriosis diet but there was so much conflicting information out there on what to eat and avoid it was hard to know what was doing more damage than good. Some said to use gluten free products etc some said steer clear. My consultant has recently requested i do a low carb diet that is usually advised for PCOS sufferers as i has some blood tests which showed insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. Even though i have endometriosis and not PCOS my symptoms have significantly improved since doing this. I have cut out all sugars and sweeteners which can be hard but have been eating more food than ever on this diet and have still lost weight, i am no longer bloated and so far have been pain free. I think the best thing to do is to try each diet for a month and keep a diary on your pain and see what diet suits you best. There is so much information out there but not enough facts and unfortunately it ends up being a bit trial and error. It would never of occurred to me to try the low carb PCOS diet before as i have only endometriosis so that was all i researched. I wish you lots of luck and hope you find a solution to your pain soon xx


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