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Hi Everyone- I am 25 years old and for about 9 months I've been dealing with severe pelvic pain (mainly my uterus and right ovarie) bloated at times. My worst fear is it is something cancerous because I have a history of Melanoma. I had ultrasound, blood work, CT scans all done within the 9 months. I've been back and forth with my family doctor and my OBGYN. My OBGYN said I have nothing at all to worry about, none of this is cancerous by any means (ovarian cancer is the same symptoms) she did a pelvic exam and when she pushed on my right ovarie I was in so much pain. She said surgery will be my best bet but she is sure she won't find anything. Just want to do it to rule it out. My periods are fine. Moderate flowing, pain in my pelvic region doesn't change when I have my period. 

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Hi, I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago after looking for a reason for almost 5 years of constant pelvic pain. I too feared something cancerous especially as my symptoms didn't really fit with endo. I had periods they were always on time, no spotting, no bloating and my pain didn't follow a cycle it was constant with the occasional sharp pain on the left. I had scans, blood tests etc but nothing showed up. Eventually had the lap and it was discovered I had endo behind my uterus and on my left ovary and bowel plus adhesions. I was also found to have pelvic congestion syndrome. I feel so much better now I have a reason for the pain. Have the op and find out what is going on, everybody's symptoms are so different. Hope this helps a little and you get answers soon. Take care and keep us updated. X


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