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Mirena coil

Hello ladies, 

Quick background.. I'm 20 and got diagnosed 4 years ago after being admitted to hospital 3 times in 4 months with suspected appendicitis. I started off on the pill back to back for treatment and that stopped working after 2 1/2 years and my pain got unbearable again. I've had 2 laps to remove endo and then I've been on zoladex for the past 12 months which was amazing. It really dulled my pain and I didn't suffer from all the affects of zoladex either such as hot flushes. Unfortunately you're not allowed on zoladex for longer than 12 months as it weakens your bones. So I'm back to square 1. My gynaecologist suggested that I go on the mirena coil. My next appointment with her is in june and she said she will fit it there and then if I want it but in the meantime I'm on no treatment. Has anyone had this and had good/bad experiences from it? I'm just a bit anxious about getting it as I've read some bad reviews about it.

Thank you :)

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I had the merina coil fitted first time around 7 years ago, it has been the best thing for me, there has been hiccups along the way but I have very rare periods, and the pain eased. Unfortunately I'm now at the stage I have to have more surgery as endo has affected my bladder . You do hear lots of bad stories but I would say give it a try, I have had times when I have discharge etc but it by far is better than what I had before.  It is uncomfortable when they fit it , but then it's in for a while and you don't have to think about it

Kat xxx



Well I'm a little different to Kat. I've only recently been booked for my first lap next Thursday, yet I've had the mirena fit for about 7 months to help with my periods. To be honest, the pain hasn't changed for me. I was constantly off school and work for my monthly pains, and when I got the coil fitted I was off work for about a week because I went into shock having it fitted (the nurse explained that because I haven't had children my body isn't used to something being there). I suffered side effects like vomiting and bad cramps, it was like I constantly needed a hot water bottle and ginger tea.

To this day, I still get my periods (I was told they would wear down after 3-6 months) and they are still a bit painful for the first few days and when I'm finishing, so I've been prescribed with naproxen and now they've told me that I could be suffering with endometriosis. They also suspect fibroids but that's based on family history.

Obviously everyone handles pain differently, but to be honest it's helped out with my "nice time" with my partner, we have no hiccups and it makes it easier to get down to business xD

Hope this has helped! Good luck in June xx


I had one fitted 3yrs ago when my endo was already a stage 4. My specialist has been very happy with it, cleared a cyst. Had to leave on my right ovary. 

I did struggle with side effects for about 6 months but then they settled down (just like my specialist said it would). I still have "periods" but no bleeding and minimal pain. 

It might help x


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