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Fallopian tubes are now a problem! Next stop IVF rollercoaster

Hi all

I am 11 weeks post op from having excision surgery which found my endo was more extensive than hoped. The surgeons did their best and I am feeling almost normal again, I have gone from needing pain relief everyday to only a couple of paracetamol during what was my first period since surgery.

So all in all my surgery was a huge success, however, during my surgery they performed the dye test to check my tubes and it didn't work, my tubes appear blocked, which obviously isn't surprising as the endo basically affected everything. They have said it could be that the trauma of the surgery may have caused the tubes to spasm, however, I did have the same issue when I had my original lap that diagnosed endo.

We have been referred back to our original fertility consultant, I am not hopeful that we will get funding for IVF treatment, our area is very strict on age and weight, even if they do fund it's only for one cycle.

I feel so deflated, at the same time physically, I haven't felt this good in years, I have been able to function, energy levels getting better every day but I emotionally I feel incredibly numb.

Does anyone have any experience of blocked tubes and the IVF funding application process?

Sorry for rambling on.


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Ivf is such a postcode lottery unfortunately back down south in essex they are pretty much not funding ivf and up in scotland wherever you are its 2 cycles + any number of frozen cycles. Stay positive because you dont know until you ask! I had my first lap in 2014 and they took one damaged tube out and left the other one as although damaged by endo it was still open. Now im looking at ivf and my second lap the doctors are working out the best way to go as they worry about poking with my ovaries and going back in. They might just clip the tube if they cant remove it as the fluid can affect ivf success.

The most important thing though is you and to remain positive. you are obviously feeling better so enjoy it and take the opportunity to do fun stuff. None of it will replace children but, speaking from experience, you have to find positives where you can x

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