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This week has been a struggle :(

I had a laparoscopy nearly 2 months ago to remove as much of the endo as possible, and my symptoms had been a lot better until the end of last week. All my previous symptoms (chronic pelvic pain, lethargy, discomfort when going to the loo, headaches etc.) have come back with a vengeance. It's really getting me down now and I've had to take 2 days off of work this week due to the intensity of the pain - I know people at work are starting to get a bit funny about all the time I've been having off (3 weeks after my surgery as it took longer than expected to recover) and days here and there when the pain gets too much, and I don't want people at work to think negatively of me :( Has anybody else been through this and have any advice? Should I potentially do an Endo awareness fundraiser within my workplace to try and help them understand a bit more about the condition, and what it's actually putting me and my body through? 

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Hi there!! That's a very good idea I don't really think many people get why we r always in pain only the ones who suffer!! I'm waiting on surgery and they have told me the waiting list is 18months my pain hasn't been great this past few months it's a real struggle but we have 2 keep icon fighting!! Hope u feel more comfortable soon!!xx


My god ur so young going through so much but being so proactive the event is a fantastic idea!If it doesnt help you immidiatley it's still a great idea.Giv it a go,It could be one less thing to worry about if it helps your situation if not uv tried some people can't help but critisise others ...Stay positive x 


Hey, hope you're ok today. I've been taking a lot of time off work which is so unlike me and I always think people at work are judging me because I can't say it's for a reason that they'll understand but you know it's real and that's all that matters. You'll have bad days and good days but you'll learn things that will really help and some days you won't even think about it at all. Don't be afraid to go back to the doctor if your symptoms persist though, they need a shove sometimes! Xx


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