In more pain :(

so its been a month since my lap and im in so much more pain now than i ever was.....i have burning in my pelvic bone that doesnt stop and sometimes the burning pain is alwo in my hips.....i have sharp stabbing pain that shoots between all 3 cuts and then stays between all three cuts that come and go regularly and pain in my perineum think thats what its called that literally cripples me.....the doctors dont want to know and still refuse to check me over and the hospital have told me to either go to my doctors or wait until i see the specialist in july! i cant take much more of the pain as its so much worse than the pain i was having from the endo in the first place.....there is no break in the pain i get it just changes in strength and place.....doctors still dont want to even look at it and tell me to go to the hospital as theyre the ones that did the so sick of being fobbed off with lame excuses that ive even gone to PALS.....has anyone else had this issue with after care?

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  • HI - I'm so sorry you are in so much pain.

    Your previous posts show that you had confirmed stage 3 endo and the NHS regulations are that this must only be dealt with in a specialist BSGE centre. It seems clear that this latest op was done in general gynaecology and that they left some that they were unable to remove. You need referral to a specialist centre and will have a case against them so can you obtain a copy of the surgical report from your GP practice to see exactly what area they tried to operate on and what they did. Can you send me a private message with the name of the surgeon and hospital. x

  • i have a doctors appointment on the 28th with a doctor that actually listens to what i have going on so hopefully i will be told more than to go to the hospital and i have my appointment with an endo specialist in july at Queen Alexandra hospital and i dont know the name of the surgeon he wasnt seen until after the op and i was to out of it to catch his name

  • So was it at the BSGE endo centre?

  • i havent been to an endo centre :(

  • Then you should be - it is against NHS regulations to treat you in general gynaecology. But there is an endo centre at the Queen Alexandra and you said you are being seen in July by an endo specialist. I should get the name so you can check for sure whether or not this is one of the specialists at the centre or just a general gynaecologist (they often call themselves endo specialists). If you have been given a date presumably you should have been given the name of who you will be seeing? 

  • Nope just a date and time.....and no name to who I will actually be seeing

  • Was seen operated on by a general gynaecology guy :/

  • You just need to phone the hospital to ask who did your surgery and who you will be seeing in July. I would never see someone if I didn't know who they are. We could really help you on here much more that PALS can as we know the procedure that applies and how to enforce it. Come back with the info if you want to pursue it. 

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