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Norethisterone stopped working

Hi first if all I didn't know I had endo until after a year of agony and an OP to remove left ovary and 90% of right ovary. Was then on Nore for 8 years, doc suggested I come off to see if menopausal, I'm 48. No period for 10 months, then a period last Dec and then Feb 16 so due to pain and obviously not menopause I started back on Nore, BUT I have been bleeding ever since. Sometimes a small amount but this last week has been another period! No idea what us going on, waiting for blood results of FH levels, docs not really helpful.

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Hi Helen

I talked with you a year ago. Norethisterone aims to thin the endometrium and stop periods by decreasing the production of oestrogen and progestogen produced naturally by the body and altering the normal cycle, but its effects in any given woman can never be predicted. You are in peri menopuase so your hormones will be all over the place. It doesn't stop existing endo from growing - at best it might slow it down - and you sound to have severe endo with your womb stuck to your bowel. Endometriomas will usually be a sign of endo elsewhere. Last year you said your doctor had said suffering the pain was the better of two evils due to risk of damage to the bowel and I advised you must be seen in a specialist centre for severe endo. Menopause is no guarantee that endo will stop because it can produce its own oestrogen within its own cells quite independently from the ovaries. 

If the FSH test has been done while you were on Norethisterone it is unlikely to give an accurate result as the medication can have a direct effect on the pituitary gland which is involved in the production of FSH. So it may show that you are less menopausal as you might actually be. 

I really suggest you are seen in a specialist centre because frankly you GP doesn't seem to know what they are talking about. Where in the UK are you? 


Hi thanks for your reply. I am in Airdrie, close to Glasgow and Edinburgh. The doctor today suggests to stay on the Nore and have a blood test on Monday! Seems pointless to me as I totally understand the Nore affecting the hormone levels. I haven't had any problems or pain etc until I came off the Nore and periods began in December. Reading other posts I feel very fortunate but I like to know and understand what is going on with my body and the GP doesn't seem to have a clue!

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Hi Lindle, I submitted a reply but I think I posted to my original post rather than yours, did you see it?


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