Light relief

Light relief

My last post, One in Ten, was a hit, I hadn't realised what I'd wrote would touch so many people! This one, light relief, I'm at a loss for how to word it, this is the sunshine after the dark.

Sunday morning when I wrote that post I was probably 18/20 hours into the darkest few days of my entire life, my eyes were raw and burning from the tears, I thought I'd never be able to escape the darkness, as quickly as it descended it was gone. I've now got a jaw infection my face is swollen and my teeth are rattling but I don't care, I just don't because I found the light switch in my head, I'm relieved, the pressure in my head has gone, I've saw the light people and I couldn't be happier! 

Now I sound insane, how can my emotions swing to such extremes?! I'm not manic I'm just lighter, I've made it through the darkness and I've escaped it...for now! 

Girls I just want you to read this post and smile, you have to remember in your darkest moments that we, your endo sisters, get it, we'll never judge and we love you, just come and talk to us, together we can get through anything! 

Together we stand divided we fall #TrueWarriors

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  • Hun you are awesome. We love you. Keep writing. Ever thought of becoming a author.? 

  • Hahaha noooo, when I write its personal to me, I'm not interesting or vain enough to expose the inner most me to the world lol I'm far more comfortable with this group of people, kind of knowing the people reading makes it all seem so much less daunting, my family are the strangers in this funny little triangle I trust you girls with my deepest most private thoughts, I trust you all. I know its on the internet and anybody can see it but I feel kind of protected nobody knows its ME and yet you all know ME better than the people I see daily xx

  • Yeah I get what you're saying.  Even though I've just had hysterectomy with excision so hopefully endo free I still love this group. I've gotten so much help and support from you all on here just want to be able to give something back. Feel free to keep writing on here the way you do , and if I can ever help or advise you just let me know. Like you said together we stand divided we fall. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

  • Thanks Jean xx <3

  • Writing is so cathartic, it purges the soul and as I have found years later it provides a permanent record of how you felt at a given time in your life. I write poetry for that reason but no one gets to read it! 

    But writing can also get things done. Write well and people take you seriously, they bestow you with intelligence and respect. They can also be just a little scared of you in a useful way if the letter you are writing happens to be to a GP politely setting out your rights! Let's all celebrate the power of the written word and use it to our advantage.

    You have a great gift and it will give you a great understanding of yourself as you go through your life. x

  • Thank you! I'm definitely gonna employ it to my benefit where doctors and hospitals are concerned it should give me a better working knowledge of my own illness and condition so it can only be a good thing xx

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