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Frustrating process!

Hi everyone,

I'm new on here but I think I've been coming across posts online whilst googling previously!

I've had problems in the past and was just put on the pill back to back which seemed to help up until the beginning of this year...

A couple of weeks after a very bad period was rushed in to A&E with suspected appendicitis. Of course they found nothing!

My main symptoms are constant pelvic pain every day of the month in varying degrees. Sometimes feels like menstrual cramps, sometimes is stabbing pain in the appendix area and sometimes seems to radiate more towards my hip joint! I also have tenderness in my back around my sacroliac joints. I'm also extremely fatigued, light headed a lot of the time and generally feel dreadful. It's bad enough that I lost my job (contractor so no rights!), and struggle to even leave the flat most days.

To cut a long story short I finally have an appointment with a gynae consultant on Thursday with the expectation I will have a laparoscopy to investigate. I decided to go private as have insurance and have already been waiting 5 weeks to even be told a date for my nhs consultant! 

The whole thing is so frustrating, I have been warned it may not be endo and the lap might be negative for anything. In which case it could be a bowel disorder or "just chronic pain" (the latter of which worries me a tad!). Scary thought that I could be back to square one after the lap! 

Anyone had bad pelvic pain and not found anything? If so what happened after?

Or any experiences where it was doubted but they found it and it was removed??

Thanks for reading :)

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Hi , sorry you are suffering so much. Please be aware that general gynaecologists don't always recognise all representations of endo so it can be missed. If you do have a lap and are told nothing was found don't give up . Get a second opinion preferably from a specialist from the BSGE list, which you can find links to along with other great posts on here. Just search for a lady on here called Lindle to find the posts. I wish you good luck.


Thanks for your reply :)

The gynae people I've seen at the hospital so far have fobbed me off but I'm seeing a private consultant next. Her profile says she has interest in endo and also pelvic pain in general so hoping she's a good fit! Will look at the list too in case it is another dead end... Thanks!

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