Stuffed turkey

Ok so i might be ranting but seriously is it just me or does anyone else get to the end of their tether taking time off work to tell yet another, albeit very friendly, medical professional your life story followed by yet another "could you just step behind the curtain and strip from the waist down if you dont mind" - like us ladies have a choice?! We are in pain/suffering infertility/generally fed up take your pick but we still have to face getting into the position and enduring dildo cam, nitrile gloved hands or the damned ducky spectulum! I cracked a joke today about stuffing a turkey to which i got told im glad you are seeing the funny side of all this - the truth is no im not im just sick. Sick of being poked and prodded....

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  • It can be very, very exhausting! I'm a bit like you, trying to make light of a bad situation, because sometimes, all you want to do is just cry in embarrassing, painful situations?! Sending healing and positive thoughts your way xx

  • Before my first smear the nurse was trying to be reassuring...I remember saying it's OK I have endo I've had more hands up there than I've had hot dinners. 

    I spend most my time making light of the regular hospital indignities because if I didn't I think I would honestly cry. 

    It is a dreadful illness and we put up with a lot, feel free to rant :)

  • Thanks! Its funny what we do to cope, im really lucky and had good gps and nurses i often think about other ladies that have had a battle to get diagnosed before the battle tk control endo starts. I suppose its better to be thankful for what we have than what we dont (plus its a lot less tiring than crying all the time - though it does help sometimes!) 

  • Dread smears internal exams spectiliums that have u close to tears I was going mental at the last gynaecologist that put a spectilium in I was on my period and I told him to stop as I was crying oh u should be used to these arrogant so he was should have been more understanding  like the list is endless of what us woman with endo have to put up with I'm due to see gynaecology on 7th and I'll be taking my pain relief before I go like xx

  • That's pretty much sums it up for me. My work don't take me seriously and think I'm lying about all the pain and sickness. Tbh the doctors Dnt seem to take it seriously either. After 8yrs of getting "oh try this pill, oh that's not working well try this one, or oh physio will help" it seems that the only way to get anywhere is to have a break down at the doctors start screaming ATM them and bursting into tears. Then to find out u have very high hormone levels which is also causing depression, that = more prodding. 

    Endo life sucks And is a long rediculous battle with doctors and butt head colleges that know naff all about what ur going through. 

    I say still to ur guns girl and crack jokes if it's what u have to do. I know I do on my worst days. People just can't see it so they Dnt believe it xx

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