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Ovulation Pain ? ? ?

Hi Everybody.

I have been suspected to be suffering from endo from my last scan I had which was to check up on a suspected demarroid cyst. It has been around 14 days from my last cycle and I feel like crap, as if I'm already due on. I feel groggy, bloated, I keep getting odd pains in between my hips, and I constantly feel like I constantly need to go to the toilet. I also randomly get shooting pain up my back, and sciatica..

I've got a doctors appointment on the 9th to go and talk about this and I'm going to request a lap... 

Does anybody else get anything similar? 

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yeah, i have my ovary bound to my rectum and my endo is stage 4 rectro-vaginal DIE ovulation makes me wish i was a boy...i also have endometriomas (blood-filled cysts) in my uterus, they compress the nerves in my back causing me sciatical and stiffness and the most sickening pain. You are not alone hun inbox me anytime if you need a chat xx


Hi Ashley-jane, yes I suffer very similar symptoms to you, and also am yet to be diagnosed. I am ovulating at the moment which always makes my hip back and leg pain much worse.  I am taking the max tramadol and paracetamol and shuffling round like an old woman.  I am really struggling with the pain levels of late.  Have you had a gynae consultation yet? 

Best wishes


Sorry for your pain. I have always suffered from chronic ovulation pain that lasts between 7 and 10 days per month I have had 4 laps for endo and with each surgery I am always told my ovaries are healthy and there is no reason for my pain during my last surgery endo was removed from my bladder but nothing was found on my ovaries but I continued to be in pain which I find so frustrating I had to resort to going back on depo provera injections in December just to give me some life back this depo stops ovulation so my pain has stopped. I would just like to know why I have to be in so much each month without the depo. I hope your Doctors appointment goes well and you get referred to a gynaecologist soon.


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