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Hello ladies, 

Hope you are all well.

Am 5 months post op, and have been in daily agony since. I'm on month two of zoladex which just seems to be throwing a ton of side effects my way but no pain relief. I'm awaiting a referral to top endo specialist, along with an MRI to check for deep infiltrating endo in case that's why I'm in so much pain. If not then I have no clue what's next, I feel like I've exhausted all options, the pill, the coil, the implant, the injection, mefenamic acid, tranexamic acid, tones of pain relief. 

Have been dealing with the pain at home, going to lose my job pretty soon, and have lost some people who called themselves my friends due to my housebound life. Today I am just so miserable, can't see an end in sight, my partner is great but he's a guy so only so much he understands, I just feel so alone and stuck in a hole I don't know how to crawl out of. 

Sorry for the rant, just don't have anyone to talk to. 

Take care, 

A x

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Hi I know exactly how you feel so don't worry you are not alone.

I am currently in so much pain I have a morphine patch but the pain is still there!

I went through a faze of working from home before my op and after then I decided to return to work. Although it's hard I actually found work distracting from the pain and as long as you are honest with your colleagues then if you do get intense pain you can just go somewhere quiet and no one will wonder where you have gone. This obviously depends on your career as I work in an office so this is easier to do.

I think the main thing to remember is to take care of your mind as well as your body as the toll on your mind from the pain and isolation can be the hardest thing to mend. 

I think the universe through me a line the other day as I was on the train and this guy started speaking to me about a pain pod which relieves pain like a tens machine. It doesn't make the problem better but it stops you feeling the pain. I am waiting for mine to be delivered and will let you know if it works :) finally there might be something to manage the pain. 


Hi you're not alone Hun. The Zoladex can take a few months to get any relief. What side effects are you getting?  Don't apologise for the rant , that's what here for. If you want to talk I'm here. Stay strong you'll get there.


I Hun I'm in exactly the same position had my third op 5 months ago still in agony and tried zoladex, implant, coil, pill, lycria etc etc if you want to talk send me an email samlewis587@aol.com my hubby is great but I feel a burden on him now 

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Hi ladies, 

Thank you so much for your responses, your kindness is overwhelming, Jean I have the hot flushes, the achy painful bones, really cold night sweats and my general temperature is much colder that normal - I'm so used to complaining I'm too hot without the zoladex its a very odd change for me! 

This site is my saviour as I also feel like a burden Sam, there's only so much you want to put on your partner, and even being my rock, I feel like he has enough to deal with trying to earn enough to keep us afloat and not being able to do anything together but movie night in bed because of my pain. 

Thank you all so much again, hope you are all having pain free days!

A x


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