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Back to pain :(

So after having g what I would call an amazing 6 months of pain free time being on prostap it's all back to pain now but for some reason it hurts alot I havnt even had a period yet that's my most worry as I'm.at gyne tomorrow I worry they are going to.say its not endo but I no it is I no the pain iv avoided having periods as this is what I was told.to do but a day or so after my prostap stopped my pain came back and it came back strong o never though that at the age of 22 I would say I wish I was still.in the menopause but I really wish I was let's just keep my fingers crossed that when I go Tormorow they will do a lap like they said they would if I get pain again it feel really good to be able to post about my problems to people I no go through the same stuff

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Firstly I would like to say that prostap is not supposed to be given to anyone under the age of 23 so I really hope they put you hrt as well. This is because it causes loss of bone density. The fact that it helped does suggest that you have endo. My advise would be to get the lap and find out what stage you are. If you're stage 3 or 4 then I would advise you look on the BSGE website and find a specialist centre near you, then go back to GP and get a referral to them, as severe endo should only be dealt with by a specialist and not a general gynaecologist. Good luck.


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