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Advice please :)


Hi, recently my GP discussed that I may have endometriosis, I have seen a consultant and I am booked in for a laparoscopy in April. I don't have all the associated symptoms I've seen online but my symptoms include painful but not particularly heavy periods, which I take ibuprofen for which helps to manage the pain but can wake me up during the night. I've spotted blood twice for about 8 days before being on my period and a couple of times a year I get pain in my vagina when passing a stool as well general stomach pain whilst on pill usually a week before I'm due on. Really panicking for multiple reasons but I'm worrying that I've over thought the problem and I am being too hasty with the laparoscopy. The symptoms apart from spotting on my period have been ongoing for a couple of years. Just basically asking do you guys think it's worth going ahead with the laparoscopy?

Thank you!!

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I too thought I was really panicking. I had the lap in January 2016 and I am now awaiting further surgery. I had very few symptoms but most similar to yours. What I would say is you know your own body. I now feel less panicked and more reassured that something can be done. Your definitely not overthinking things. The lap will provide answers and a way forward in relation to a treatment plan. hope this helps x


Have the laparoscopy. Right up to going in to theatre I was apologising thinking I was wasting their time and it was all in my head...turns out it wasn't! ! I have severe endometriosis. Even if you get the all clear., at least you know. Good luck x

Yes, definitely! Having the operation gave me a piece of mind, kind of explained away the pain. Similarly to you I had painful but rarely ever heavy periods - if your comfortable with the idea, I'd ask for the coil to be put in during the op, genuinely feels like I have a new lease of life!

Don't feels rushed to go ahead with the op though, recovery is painful and can take a while to feel normal :) I like to have answers though!

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