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Sharp pain 3 weeks after laparoscopy...


Hi. Hope anyone can help...

I had my laparoscopy nearly 3 weeks ago to remove endometriosis stage 4, large cyst from left ovary. I was recovering fine for 1st week then I had to go on antibiotics because of dum pain and I was getting weaker and weaker ... Antibiotics helped. I felt so much better! Even went for nice walk and done some light house work!

Come off antibiotics- and this terrible sharp pain on the left side just paralysed me! Went to A&E and got some more antibiotics. In bed again :( I'm so fedup ... I don't know what caused the pain?! I felt so good and suddenly pain knocked me off. I wanted to go back to work Wednesday but now , I don't know what to do?! Hope there is someone who may know answer because of similar experience. Thanks. Aggie. X

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