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Sciatica and endo

I have recently been suffering with sciatica symptoms. The GP has prescribed pain killers and diazepam at seperate times to help.

The pain is not easing and I'm surviving on a couple of hours sleep per night (due to pain).

I am worried that my immune system may be affected if I'm run down with lack of sleep - therefore susceptible to illness.

I have a lap (to remove endo) app due but keep chasing the hospital. ( this was delayed due to the nurse finding a heart murmur during the pre assessment).

Do you think the sciatica is linked to the endo?

Thank you in advance. xox

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I am not yet diagnosed but also suffer with sciatica symptoms in the lead up to my period. I read somewhere that the swelling of Endo can put pressure on the sciatic nerve...


I wondered about that too as I tend to get pains shooting down one leg when my period is due n my doc mentioned sciatica. Hope you feel better soon x


I've been having a read on line this morning and am sure it is.

I have now been prescribed co drydamol and diazepam combined for a week. If no better after a week then back to see GP.

It is so frustrating! :-(


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