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Hello, so I just found this page while looking up endometriosis. I need help, I am pretty sure that this is what I have but no one is listening to me. I am constantly getting cysts on my ovaries and they get to about 6cm and then burst, it's so painful, I've had scans numerous times but nothing ever gets done, I keep getting told to go to the gp and when I do they fob me off. On my last scan I was told to talk to my doctor about being tested for endometriosis so I did. My doctor said to me, we don't want to go down that road because it's an operation and I kept saying no I want to and what if it is? He then said well we won't know without the operation and sent me home with ibuprofen 😂 They won't listen, I'm having problems with my bladder and bowel also, everything has got to be connected right? Why won't the doctors listen to me

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Hi where abouts in the uk are you? I ask this because if you're in Wales or Scotland things work differently. If you are in England then they can't really refuse to refer you . From what you have said in you post it does sound like it could be endo regarding bladder and Bowel issues. The cysts sound more like haemorrhage cysts which anyone can get although I know that doesn't help and can be very painful. Have a look on the BSGE website (if you're in England) and find a centre near you. Armed with this information go back to GP and TELL them you want a referral to them. If they refuse then ask them to put it in writing why they won't. Then get in touch with the practice manager and explain the situation. This sometimes helps to get what you want. If this doesn't work I might be worth phoning the the centre and ask for a private consult which unfortunately you will have to pay for but would be worth it in the long run. Depending on the out come you could probably then get transferred to nhs at the same centre. I'm sorry you are suffering and I really do know what it's like to not have anyone take you seriously. Please don't give up and fight for your health. If you need anything let me know.


Dont give up! Tell them youve had enough and cant take it anymore and its effecting your life! They have no rights to say ylu dont want to go down that road, whys that to save money? Even if you dont have endo youve had cysts that have bursts. Why havent they taken your cysts out before it bursts sepecially if its been causing you alot of pain? A scan and laparoscopy would tell you if you have endo its a 10 minute scan they can show you themselfs i stead of years of waiting. Over and done with. If you have endo and suffering alot of pain and what a baby in the future go back and tell them and if not see another doctor. Its your life not theirs. Fed up with doctors playing god and deciding who they should an shouldnt help and who and where the money should be spent on. Good luck!


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