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Hi everyone,

I have suffered from very bad periods for about 3 years- since stopping the depo. It seems to get worse each month and I have to have time off work due to this, doctors suspect this is endometriosis and all my symptoms match.

Iv been back and forth to the doctors for the last 18 months, and haven't ever really got anywhere. They have prescribed tranexamic acid which I'm not sure does much and painkillers.

Iv been trying for a baby for a year now and still nothing.

Previously Iv had blood tests to see if I ovulate- and I do.

And had ultrasound scans- which are fine.

I have another doctors appointment Tuesday, as it's been 12 months since trying for a baby.

Any advise on what to ask for? What I need them to do next etc?

Going to the doctors is so stressful cause they never seem to do anything!

Thanks for any advice.


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Hi - there is a clear treatment path for suspected endo that isn't being followed and is based on pain and or infertility. If you are unable to conceive you should be sent for a laparoscopy. Many women with endo do conceive but the nature of endo is such that your ovaries and tubes may be out of position which would make it impossible until corrected. You should only be given tranexamic acid for 3 months if it is not effective. Take the details with you and insist on a referral. If you are in England you can choose where you go.




Thank you for your help. Getting fed up with it and getting no where. I will push for a referral on Tuesday x


Hi, please request to see an endometriosis specialist. I was run around by GPs for so long. They told me I had irritable bowel syndrome and one said I had a stomach bug from travelling overseas!!! It was during this extended period that all the damage was done to my organs through multiple endometrioma ruptures.

Agree with the great advice from Lindle, particularly as you are trying to have a baby. Push for a referral to a specialist and ask for a diagnostic laparoscopy.


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