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Endo and being a student?

It's finally been confirmed! Although I'm not happy I have endo, I'm glad to finally have a name to what's been making me feel so awful!

I am starting my PGCE in September and am trying to apply for Disabled students allowance. Has anyone else been accepted as a 'disabled' student when applying for loans etc? I also have evidence for depression, anxiety, IBS and slight dyslexia but I am trying to get all the support I can for what's going to be a tough year.

Anyone else been to uni with endo? How accepting are universities and tutors?

Thanks x

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I'm at university with stage III deeply infiltrating endometriosis and have now been through two excision surgeries.

I don't claim DSA for endometriosis but have managed to get it for inappropriate sinus tachycardia and joint hypermobility syndrome. Through DSA I've received weekly mentoring sessions, taxis to and from university, note-taker when required, MacBook Pro, audio recorder, Dragon Dictate for Mac (Naturally Speaking on PC), ergonomic chair and other equipment, and course related software. I started university in September 2014 so things have changed since then but the equipment has been a lifesaver.

On the topic of universities, I left Bournemouth University because of their disgusting attitude. I had my first laparoscopic excision surgery in June last year, and despite requiring 2 weeks off I was forced in to university 5 days after my operation. My family had to travel 250 miles to bring a wheelchair, or I would fail the course. An email from the course leader said I only required 24 hours to recover. I decided to transfer to a different university after that, especially after receiving the news that I required further surgery.

My current university have been great, although my lecturers do not know about me suffering with endometriosis. The disability support service do know however. Had no issues getting deadline extensions for when I had my operation in December.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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Not sure about the disability side of things. And I was diagnosed after I finished uni, but at my uni we had "mitigating circumstances" which gave us longer deadlines of hand in dates for work. That could be an option for you also?


I am currently in my final year was diagnosed during my first year placement my tutors have been amazing ever since plenty of support has been given to me when Iv needed time off to just recover and stuff


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