Hi I had a Hystorectomy five weeks on Friday I'm still in pain on one side were I had work done on my bowl an I had a lot work done on my bladder. I need to start hrt but have not got it yet should I still feel this much pain an I'm so tired I feel like I shouldn't have had it can anyone help I'm feeling so down Iv had a infection in my wound an a chest infection do I just need more time

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  • Don't think 5 weeks is long enough to recover from a hysterectomy especially if you've had my work done in there please take the time to rest, xxx

  • Hi Hun if you had infections you really do just need time it will get better. Had mine on Thursday came home yesterday. Had a few complications after surgery. Had an internal bleed and needed a blood transfusion, also had quite bad tachycardia. I'm now on anti biotics and iron tablets for a month. Take it easy Hun and get plenty of rest. I know it's not easy I'm already going stir crazy as I'm used to being very active so I know it's hard . If you want to talk I'm here Hun.

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