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confused again

So I'm now 4 weeks post op from having removal of ovaries, tubes and cervix and full excision of endometriosis/adhesions. I had an appointment at Stepping hill yesterday with a different gynaecologist specialising in women's incontinence who told me my op results showed endometriosis all through my pelvis and that my case is now going back to MDT. Has anyone else had experience of this, I thought maybe that would be it with having my ovaries removed so I'm a little confused 😖. Not feeling too good anyway as the huge infection I had which was early sepsis is still lingering. I was rushed back into my local hospital a week after surgery, who performed a CT scan which showed collection. When the doctor examined me yesterday she said I still have pus in my vagina and is sending me for an US scan next Tuesday to check the collection and that they may open me up to drain it. Unfortunately my local hospital haven't sent any information of my admittance over to Stepping Hill so they have to write to them. I can't have any more tests or surgery for incontinence until the collection is sorted out. I understand but it just seems like one thing after another, and I can't believe the lack of communication between the two hospitals, Royal Stoke advised me they would be writing to Stepping Hill. Seems like this may be a long journey.😞

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Oh hun I know how you feel . Had hysterectomy, ovary removal and tube and excision on Thursday , got home today after a few complications. But when they took me down to theatre I was supposed to have spinal anaesthetic as well as general anaesthetic. But they couldn't do the spinal as there is something wrong with my spine. So now a new journey to find out what that is and get it sorted. It never ends. Stay strong Hun you'll get there.


Hi thanks for the reply, hope you're recovering well and not feeling too sore. Hope they get you're back sorted out for you that's a nightmare for you. Stay strong too take care xxxx


Will do Hun. I have no pain from op just the back pain which before the op I thought was due to the endo. If it wasn't for that I'd be completely pain free for the first time in 30years. I'm so glad I had the op. My surgeon flew over to India on Friday but he actually phoned me yesterday to see how I was was couldn't believe it.


Wow that's fantastic, so so pleased for you 😃 and how lovely of your surgeon. Take care xxx

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