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I attach the link to a blog somebody has written about life with endometriosis. They have just started documenting their journey but include their history and true accounts of thought and feeling.

I am informed there will also be upcoming posts on remedies and treatments tried, tested and reviewed and also with hints and tips for those living with this condition.

I hope you find it useful as the blog continues to develop.

Hope you find it helpful!!!!



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Ah bless her... thanks for posting. I and I'm sure many others can empathise. It's so hard and Rock bottom is definitely a place that's not very nice. There wasnt anywhere to leave a comment, but just wanted to send an unseen hug xxx


I'll pass this on to her, she would also welcome any feedback or points for development. She also mentioned sharing other's stories as the blog develops xx


Davina-Canning, thank you! Please pass on a message too, that in those lowest points she must think of her Mam & family. Also not to feel embarrassed in getting help for the depression. It's completely natural that considering the pain we experience & the fight we have to go through to be listened too that we get down. It will pass. There will be something that makes life tolerable & enjoyable again. Lots of love to get & you! X


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