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Could this be a symptom of bowel endo?

Hi... I will start by apologizing if the following is kind of gross.

This morning I ate some blueberries for the first time in roughly a week and a half. Barely 2 and a half hours later, they were already out in my stool, obviously undigested since it was so quick. I've noticed this happening with some other foods, mainly fruits and veggies, over the course of the past month or so.

This very fast bowel transit time that I have been experiencing is kind of freaking me out. Has this happened to anyone else / might it be endo-related at all? I'm likely to have a second lap done in a couple of months (this time by a true specialist) because my pain has all come back since the one I had done 6 months ago. But until then I'm curious to hear anyone else's first-hand experiences.

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Hi it's more likely to do with the enzymes in the gut. Maybe worth talking to GP about testing for a condition called SIBO.


Hi ! We have communicated before and sorry to hear that you will be back into your second lap so soon. You are in Florida right? Where are you going to have your surgery?

Hope you get sorted out and be pain-free after your 2nd lap


I usually look up other people's expirencrs because some of the issues I get with it is like bleeding in the stool, but it's part of the Endo once it's on the bowel it can do a lot of different things. Hope you get better


If you have food undigested in your stool ,chances are that the pancreas is not working optimally and some digestive enzymes will help.But this is only part of problem.You have to run a test to see if you don't have any pathogen bacteria in your gut,which can cause leaky gut and trigger an autoimmune response.Also the liver is very important here,as if is not detoxifying properly you can be in trouble.I hope it helps


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