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Post Lap Review

Hoping for some advice...

Had laparoscopy on Tuesday and was diognosed with stage 2 endo and had a rectoviginal nodule removed. That's all the consultant told me no further treatment options where discussed nor was a follow up appointment to discuss options. Should I expect a follow up appointment now? On my discharge notes it says open follow up no clue what that means...

Any advice or experiences would be greatly recieved

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Hi - I think open follow up means that you can go as and when you need to if you have concerns. But a rectovaginal nodule would usually automatically be classed as severe stage 3/4 due to the infiltrating nature and location of such nodules and should be dealt with in a specialist centre where you would be followed up at 3 and 6 months with questionnaires sent for 2 years to check on your symptoms. I should keep a careful eye on your symptoms and if you have concerns request referral to a centre. Click on my name to see my post on how to find one.



I was seen at centre in the John Radcliffe in Oxford by there endometriosis specialist consultant (I was lucky this was by pure chance).

I was just a little concerned that no further treatment options where discussed. Do you think if I phone her secretary she could help?



Hi - the treatment pathway is a 3.2 of the contract for endo treatment at the link below. You should be seen at 3 months.



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